RollBAR Klassik

In daily use, the RollBAR Klassik turns into a productive and functional design element. It facilitates handling for your optimal use.

rollBAR Front

Stylish yet unpretentious.

Clear lines in conjunction with the classic design gives the RollBAR its own harmonious environment for your successful appearance. Straightforwardness and purist design make for a classic timeless bar.


The body consists of aluminum-nature worktops and board of 15mm thickness as well as high-density plastic plates (UV resistant). If necessary, the worktop is adjustable by means of screws.

RollBAR Design

Elegant and quiet or lively and dynamic.

Aluminum in combination with an individualized branding on the front panel characterizes the sophisticated, elegant style.

RollBAR Features


The front panel and side panels are quick and easy to replace at any time.
Standard size: L / W / H 150 cm or 200 cm x 76 cm x 120 cm
Weight at 200 cm length: approx. 121 kg
Weight at 150 cm length: approx. 90 kg

The fleet-footed bar.

A flexible roll bar system allows for easy positioning, catering to the needs of the hotel, gastronomy and catering industries. It is both stable and flexible.


Swivel castor with trailing total lock, housing made of sheet steel, incl. Swivel bearing and non-marking elastic tire.
Capacity per wheel: approx. 200 kg

RollBAR Efficiency

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